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It has provided more than 300+customers with Internet of Vehicles technology solutions, including many well-known OEM enterprises, such as Longxin, Guangyang, Chunfeng Power, Xiaxing, Longjia, Emma, Yadi, Great Wall, Geely, Chang'an, Ford, FAW, SAIC, GAC, Wuling, etc

It also includes many industrial enterprises such as BYD, Harman, Visteon, Desai Xiwei, Huayang, Luchang, etc

CF MOTO dashboard
CF MOTO|TFT Dashboard
12.3-inch TFT Dashboard, realizing high-resolution online projection navigation
Longjia dashboard
Longjia|Longjia Dashboard
Perfect combination of mechanical instruments and LCD instruments to achieve interconnected screen projection navigation
VOGE motor
VOGE|VOGE 500cc Dashboard
Fast response instrument for large displacement vehicle
Moto Morini
Moto Morini| Moto Morini Dashboard
Originated from Italian master's design of high-speed 7-inch interconnected LCD instrument
DFAC|DFAC Truck Dashboard
12.3-inch LCD instrument for hybrid commercial vehicle
AIMA|AIMA Dashboard
AIMA advanced Electric Motorcycle Navigation Instrument
FOTON|MP5 Car Navigation
LINUX system interconnection vehicle machine, low-cost vehicle machine application
CNHTC|Android smart car Navigation
Support 360Parking, mobile phone interconnection and Android application expansion
DFAC|Built in 360Parking Android car Navigation
Built in 360Parking Android car Navigation
LCD Dashboard
LCD Dashboard| Low cost solution
Low cost navigation instrument via Bluetooth BLE
Round Retro Dashboard
Round Dashboard |Round Retro Dashboard
Let the retro model regain new vitality
T-BOX| Make Internet of Vehicles simpler
Add a T-box to enable the Internet of Vehicles application to land quickly

Focus on automotive instrument development for 8 years

More than 10 years of focus on the development of vehicle multimedia information system


So far, we have served more than 300 large and medium-sized enterprises

All over the motorcycle, electric bicycle and automobile industries


More than 100 professional R&D personnel

Multi system development covering Android, IOS, linux, QNX, FreeRTOS


More than 200 vehicle mounted projects have been developed

Rich experience in product development

DEMO / Product Video
Professional Internet of Vehicles solution provider
Provide you with mobile APP, vehicle (instrument) APP, TSP Internet of Vehicles platform development and deployment, on-board information system hardware, instrument system hardware development services

Internet of Vehicles products via Bluetooth connection

The car body data can be transmitted to the mobile phone through Bluetooth connection with the mobile phone, and then the mobile phone uploads the data to the server to realize the application of the Internet of Vehicles. The Bluetooth key can also be activated through the mobile phone Bluetooth to control the vehicle in a short distance. Bluetooth interconnection has the advantages of low cost and low power consumption; The function of Internet of Vehicles can be realized at low cost; It can also realize multimedia control such as Bluetooth phone and Bluetooth music.

Internet of Vehicles products realized through WIFI connection

Through the interconnection of WIFI mobile phones, high bandwidth data transmission can be achieved, real-time image projection of video can be achieved, the content of mobile phones can be seen from the screen end, and the lock screen status of mobile phones can realize multimedia applications such as internet navigation. Its advantage is that it can realize high-speed data transmission, which is suitable for scenarios where large amounts of data need to be transmitted, and is applied in medium and high-end vehicles.

Internet of Vehicles products realized through 4G (5G) cloud platform

The 4G network function can be integrated in the instrument, vehicle machine, or T-BOX. Such Internet of Vehicles products can realize remote vehicle positioning, track playback, track sharing, and can directly send data to the server remotely, and cooperate with the TSP background to achieve remote vehicle diagnosis, remote rescue and other functions; Its advantage is that it can realize remote positioning and remote control.

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