Mobile phone interconnection scheme
Provide mobile internet software solutions for Android, Linux, QNX, FreeRTOS and WinCE systems, and provide mobile APP applications; Compatible with many hardware platforms, it provides you with a mobile phone interconnection scheme with stable transmission, high compatibility and excellent user experience
Provide standard version, customized development version, SDK development kit and other interconnection solutions
Before Market

Meet the requirements of automotive enterprises in Before Market, with the most comprehensive functions and the best experience

Interconnected products with complete functions

Customized version

Customizing products according to customer needs to make products better match models

Well matched connected products


Provide SDK development packages based on customer needs, which can be integrated into customer owned system applications

Perfect combination of interconnection and system

Online translation
01. Demand Collection
Fully understand customer needs
02. Analysis and planning
Feasibility analysis, architecture design
03. Cooperation signing
Sign the contract to protect the rights and interests of both parties
04. User interface design
One on one design to satisfy customers
05. Code development
Professional development team, writing poetry with code
06. Installation test
Multiple rounds of testing to eliminate bugs and vulnerabilities
07. Feedback modification
If problems are found, they should be corrected in time without delay
08. Install and go online
Go online only after customer acceptance
09. Year-round maintenance
All day active maintenance
Case show

It has provided more than 300+customers with Internet of Vehicles technology solutions, including many well-known OEM enterprises, such as Longxin, Guangyang, Chunfeng Power, Xiaxing, Longjia, Emma, Yadi, Great Wall, Geely, Chang'an, Ford, FAW, SAIC, GAC, Wuling, etc

It also includes many industrial enterprises such as BYD, Harman, Visteon, Desai Xiwei, Huayang, Luchang, etc

CF MOTO dashboard
CF MOTO|TFT Dashboard
12.3-inch TFT Dashboard, realizing high-resolution online projection navigation
Longjia dashboard
Longjia|Longjia Dashboard
Perfect combination of mechanical instruments and LCD instruments to achieve interconnected screen projection navigation
VOGE motor
VOGE|VOGE 500cc Dashboard
Fast response instrument for large displacement vehicle
Moto Morini
Moto Morini| Moto Morini Dashboard
Originated from Italian master's design of high-speed 7-inch interconnected LCD instrument
DFAC|DFAC Truck Dashboard
12.3-inch LCD instrument for hybrid commercial vehicle
AIMA|AIMA Dashboard
AIMA advanced Electric Motorcycle Navigation Instrument