Intelligent cabin software and hardware product provider

Wuhan Cloud pine Technology is committed to the development of intelligent cockpit, LCD instrument, vehicle navigation and industrial application solutions; The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wuhan Carbit Information.

The company has been deeply engaged in the vehicle industry for more than ten years, and has many years of experience in vehicle product development. The company's mobile phone interconnection technology scheme is widely used in many models. Be familiar with the quality control of vehicle mounted product development process, comply with IATF16949 quality system, pay attention to the quality control of product development process control, and have the ability to assemble and match products many years ago. It has full independent R&D capability, supports the customized development of Android and LINUX systems, and uses modular software architecture to meet the requirements for tailoring and rapid development of the system. Support the QML technology to enhance the OpenGL ES 3D engine to meet the cool visual needs. At the same time, it has processing capabilities such as on-board bus (CAN/LIN), and can interact with the Internet on the premise of ensuring safety.

Own the core technology of Internet of Vehicles with independent intellectual property rights
Power source leading the industry

After ten years of research and development, the company team has been focusing on the development of mobile phone Internet technology for more than ten years, and has formed a good cooperative relationship with more than 300 enterprises. Thousands of vehicle mounted products have installed our products, and more than 50 million users have used our products.

It is also because of these breakthroughs in quantity that we have been unanimously recognized in the industry for the reliability and stability of our products, and our market share is far ahead; In this rapidly changing era, we are based on our own excellent technology, expand the application of Internet of Vehicles products, and provide software and hardware solutions for end-to-end products.

Become a service provider trusted and loved by partners

The company's business is closely related to the development of customers' Internet business. It is our unchanging vision to become an honest enterprise trusted and loved by customers. We are committed to providing high-quality and safe products and services, and actively explore the potential needs of customers; We encourage more people to participate in innovation in an open way, combine new technologies with excellent business models, and constantly create exciting surprises; We attach great importance to customer experience and their opinions, constantly improve the customer relationship management system, grow together with customers, and regard this process as the value of achieving excellence.

Qualification and honor

To provide customers with stable and safe products and services is our unchanging purpose. The Internet is the fastest growing industry, in which there are countless Internet companies. Then we will provide security for our customers in terms of product safety and provide a stable operating environment for their products. At the same time, we have obtained the copyright of our CMS software and passed the ISO9001 and CMMI3 process certification. The product quality and use property rights are more assured!

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